Our Service to You

Creating customer service experiences for premium travelers through unique service concepts based on personal interaction, professional service and a solid understanding of the guest mindset and product knowledge.

Quality Lounge Operations

Creating a Center of Hospitality Excellence

Performa offers a robust lounge management solution, structured and designed to ensure highest service levels throughout the entire supply chain. This solution is consistently delivered across multiple locations with systematic measurements of delivery performance against agreed finance and quality parameters.

  • Standard Operating Procedures

    All lounge operations are divided into process steps, allowing a structured and efficient management of all aspects. Each process step comes complete with detailed descriptions and standard tools, procedures and checklists with clear roles and responsibilities.

  • Staff Management

    We recruit staff with five star hospitality backgrounds and the right mindset to serve your premium customers. Amongst other development programs, our training program has been built alongside leading hospitality industry experts to enable a focus on requirements within the different phases of service delivery.

    As a result of the program, lounge staff has a clear understanding of what is expected of them, and are aware of the criteria for appraisal, in addition to the other technical duties they will carry out in the lounge. We also entertain close relationships with leading hotel management schools to provide internship programs in various locations.

  • Culinary Capabilities

    We encourage our lounge chefs to constantly strive to exceed customers’ expectations by delivering the very best in food service. Working closely with Gate Gourmet’s culinary excellence program, ensures our front line of regional chefs and key suppliers create a “think tank” of expertise and competence which our Performa customers benefit greatly from.

  • Performance Management

    Performance indicators and KPIs are developed within all of our operations to ensure an effective assessment process. We work with a range of performance indicators to monitor the overall lounge service performance as well as the performance of individuals on a regular basis. All feedback and results are used systematically to identify improvement areas, training requirements and assist fact-based assessments of our operations.