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One-Stop Shop Solution

Providing a One-Stop Shop Solution

Utilizing gategroup synergies as an added value

Through gategroup’s capabilities, Performa is uniquely positioned to have a range of options to meet changing lounge requirements. By leveraging the existing assets, purchase volumes from the in-flight side and additional aspects from other gategroup companies, our customers will benefit from unique synergies the Group offers.

  • Unique Connections and Group Synergies

    Performa utilizes gategroup’s synergies for the lounge services working closely with Gate Gourmet for catering, Gate Aviation for cleaning, deSter for tableware and lounge design, and Harmony for comfort items. This enables Performa to jointly discuss and develop lounge service strategy, tactics and needs with a true “One-Stop-Shop” solution.

  • Supply Chain Solutions

    Performa and its gategroup partners continue to challenge our supply chain, always striving to improve product costs and innovation. There are opportunities to leverage existing supplier agreements and to simplify the current supply chain by aligning the guest needs on the ground with the products offered on board. Managing the entire “journey experience” through gategroup by utilizing existing resources will ensure efficient and coordinated procurement and continuous challenging of the cost of products and ingredients.